Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When You Reach Me - Reading Group Week 1


optional (1)
obstruct (1)
omen (3)
latchkey child (3)
fundamental (5)
lob (5)
attorney (9)
contestant (12)
swivel (12)
semi-polite (22)


1. Choose 2 vocabulary words and DRAW a small picture in your journal that shows the meaning of the word.

2 Write a brief description in your journal of the following characters from this section of the reading: Miranda, Richard, Belle, Louisa, Sal, and The Laughing Man.

3. Where and when does this story take place? (one sentence)

4. How did Miranda get her name? (two sentences)

5. What is the $20,000 Pyramid? How is it played? (2-5 sentences)

6. Is there anything you are curious about in this story so far? If so, what?

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